Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nice travel day with some interesting quirks.Through Dallas and to Oklahoma.

Where are we today ? 
Walmart Checotah Oklahoma
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     Still enjoying the great weather,  cool overnight 38F at 5;30 am but we are cozy inside under our blankets and comforter . As the sun was rising I headed out for a couple of nice walkabouts on our last morning here in Glen Rose Texas as the sun was rising and warming up the day. as you may know my favorite time of the day.
a  nice sunrise to start the day
gonna miss this place but gotta keep moving
           Not in a hurry today our plan is only 288 miles to a Walmart or Flying J in Checotah Oklahoma. So by  9 am we are on the road enjoying what we love to do, moving on down the road. Nice places and new faces.
starting off on some nice back roads
    We have rout right through Dallas avoiding the toll roads and looks pretty easy nice road to travel very little traffic at this time of day.
         We were watching for the turn on for 75 north  to 69 but with the very long line of traffic we missed it. Oops, we thought. No big deal we will take the next exit  follow our streets and trips program on Suzie' s laptop and actually had very nice scenic route for about a 1/2 mile  through a new section of downtown Dallas missing all that traffic. wow that was wonderful !
lots of nice scenery and no major slowdowns 
love the scenic bridges and overpasses 
nice old train bridge
        Soon we crossed into Oklahoma to the welcome centre and only rest area that we had today for a more than 6 hour drive.
a very nice welcome centre
we made a tasty lunch here
a got some info on Oklahoma 
       No rest areas today other that that one, but a few small towns we passed through can always find a spot to pull over , get a stretch and a walkabout , nature calls us and I need to exercise my back anyway.
        We saw a Camping World on our route and thought we would stop in just for fun. Nothing we needed but a nice stop anyway to stretch, Well heck we pulled into their lot and full of new trailers, no where to turn around . Anyway we parked and checked out this very small  store we here anyway. A waste of time but now we need to disconnect our car to turn around, No big deal deal just a pain. , Got that done and a nice fellow came over to chat about our coach he is wanting to buy one just like this and wondered what we think of it. Well it is only 19 years old and is a very well built coach and we love it . We chatted for quite a while and probably could have done that all day but we wanted to get all on the road. The best he can do is what he is doing is research and talking to people and make his own decisions on what he wants to do.
pretty decent roads we have no complaints
just moving right along 
      Spotted this smoke in the distance and as we came much closer found what looks like a house on fire. Firetrucks had just arrived hope no one was injured in this blaze.
fire trucks just got here and more coming
pasted buy Savanah OK, nice slim water tower
old drive in movie screen but the theatre is gone
across the Eufaula river
lots people fishing there
     We fuelled up at the Flying J here in Checotah Oklahoma and decided to spend the night at the Walmart across the road, needed some groceries anyway.  Got the groceries and whipped up a tasty chicken stir fry for supper. We have the food so why not ?  Sure was a tasty meal quick and easy,.
lotsa room here at this Walmart that we like
pretty quiet
not long and ready to cook  only tays a couple
of minutes for  wonderful tasty healthy meal
tasty and filling some tortillas
 left over from last night
       Now here we are after supper in a Walmart parking lot and enjoying another wonderful sunset, now really does it not get much better than that for a free overnight stop? And no neighbours ?
enjoying this Walmart Sunset 
nice easy track day we enjoyed
        A very nice , interesting travel day, amazing weather, very little traffic and no noticeable winds,  does really not get much better than this for moving on down the road.
        Thanks again for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great day as well.
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