Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Clear blue sunny skies, cooler but amazing in the sun, and a fix for Suzie's Computer. Really love small towns!

Where are we today ? 
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      Was a bit cooler last night but no wind. And a bit later sunrise this morning but it did arrive and blessed us with clear blue sunny skies all day long! And next to no wind this is perfect ! Did get a nice early walkabout for a couple of miles enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
sun trying to get through the clouds 
here is a nice peak coming our way
            About 9 am we headed into Ajo with Suzie's sick laptop. First looking for the computer repair guys. No luck, then the Radio shack talked to the nice young lady there. They don't do repairs but gave us the Kyle's name that works at the coffee shop in the square.. She sent him a message, next stop was the chamber of commerce and he recommended the guy in the Thrift shop, so we checked him out. Yes he could look at it but not for a couple of weeks, hmm no good. Suzie checked out the coffee shop and Kyle starts work at noon. We headed back home and at 11:30 she got a text from Kyle and said he was there until 4 pm drop off the computer and he should be able to get it going by the morning.
       In the meantime the lady on the Radio Shack suggested taking the battery out and trying it again! Well heck if this did not work Suzie got her computer working again, the white screen was gone !. But still wanted Kyle to check it out.
heading into Ajo a few times today
Visitor Centre
love the town square here
          After a light lunch we were  back at the coffee shop at 1 pm Kyle was not busy so did some checking. Ok fine, video card is good, monitor is is good and is working just fine right now, Its like a car he can't fix what is not broken, so he gave us a few tips and simple fixes, Told us to call him again if it happens, and the charge for his time? 5 Bucks, Well heck we have peace of mind and Suzie's computer working again. Really love small towns, talk to a few people and somebody knows somebody who knows somebody that can help us out.
       Did see couple of more murals  that I don't think I took a picture of before.
           Finally we are done our running around, back to home dirt by 1:45 and can  enjoy this wonderful spring time desert weather outside. It was only 55 f (12C) but with the cloudless blue sunny skies it sure feels a lot warmer. I almost put my shorts on but then realized it was 3 o'clock and will be cooling down a bit by 4 so I suffered with the heat for a while (it's a tough life ya know)  Prepped a chicken for the Weber Q tonight and set it on low and slow about 3:45 while we enjoyed more quality reading time outside. Enjoying the smell of this chicken cooking! making us hungry...
a wonderful view with the clear blue skies
Chicken and fresh asparagus done,
I posted the wrong price the other day. not 77 cents a lb
it is 99 cents a lb still a good deal
perfect with our salad
 of course left overs and
chicken soup very soon
      As supper was done did manage to get a couple of nice desert sunsets to finish up another great day here in the desert.
sunsetting on the hills behind us
that was it for today
        A nice productive day, getting Suzie's computer working again, enjoyed a perfect sunny warm day and a tasty chicken dinner with my honey. Does not get much better.
        Thanks for taking the time to stop on by and hope you had a great spring day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?