Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 22, 2018

Garbage cleaned up, warmer day, and we to see a show but Paul winer had the flu,,:<( . Got home and we had company.

Where are we today ? 
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    Yup it was cooler last night, really good for sleeping 34f (1C) at 4:30 the morning. Inside 46F (7C) so I fired up our blue flame and in no time a comfortable 72F. Love this new heater.
     At 7:30 I took a drive down by the dump station and there was 17 rv's in line for sewage dump station.  A pickup parked in front of the garbage with a flashing yellow light on his cab. Hmmm.
      Then again about 9:30 I cruised back down and still a long line up but the garbage disposal company was there emptying the dumpsters and 2 front end loaders standing by. There was a few volunteers (it looks like) taking the trash off the ground and into a dumpster as it was emptied. Getting that mess cleaned up for now.
what a mess
they are cleaning it up
the supervisor here
       The clear blue sunny skies are warming things up nicely 54 F at 11:30 and not too windy, another nice day in the works. Time for a light lunch then putter around a bit.
       Then at 12 noon got a very nice phone call from our good friends back home Rob and Pat just checking up on us and we got to chat for a while, always nice to hear from them.
        Tom and Deb bought themselves a new sunscreen that is easy to use with there electric awning, and the top part just rolls right up with it. Bill came over to help Tom and in no time it was installed, looks awesome and works like a charm.
in no time it was all done, wonderful
when we headed out ar 1 the dumpsters were all cleaned up
         This after noon the 6 of us went to the Senior Centre to see have Paul Winer  (Sweet Pie) entertain use. You can read about him HERE  also know as the Naked Book seller In Quartzite Arizona The Oasis Book Store.
this is the entertainer we were hoping to see
this be him
at the store
      We showed up for the show and it was cancelled , he has the flu! But his back up band of many years was here. Apologized for Paul and told us we can get a complete refund for our tickets at his bookstore. But these guys have travelled many hundreds of miles here to play and they said the show must go on! We were invited to watch them play at no charge and if we liked the show could make a donation of a dollar or 2 if we like. Well we did stay for an hour end enjoyed their music that was pretty good, but me (the deaf guy) had a problem hearing his words. 
      We saw Paul's show 2 years ago and really enjoy it then if you like you can read about it HERE 
most people left but we stayed for an hour
these guys are pretty good but miss Paul
           Got home shortly after 3 in time for Happy Hour. why not it? It is another beautiful day ! And shortly after had good friends Jean and Skip come by to join us, with Skip's sister Pam, They had just come from Silly Al's for linch.
        Always nice to see them again and meet Pam. They joined us for Happy hour.
LR: Suzie, Jean, Patsy, Bill, Pam, Skip. Tom and Deb
then Clemson wanting attention
      Soon Happy Hour wrapped up and everyone headed home time to whip up supper . For us tonight a couple of Shrimp Burgers we brought from home to add to our salad.
not long on our Weber Q
oh so tasty really hit the spot
Just as it was done on the Q we enjoyed a nice sunset.
         This was just another fun desert day, not exactly what we planned but heck it was still fun and I think we all enjoyed it. The garbage got cleared up , the sunshine, warm weather, less wind, friends visit and some free entertainment as well.
        Thanks for stopping on by always nice to hear from you in a comment of just reading along with us is fine as well.

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